Robert Keller



I began painting in my youth. My parents enrolled me into plein aire classes and I took it from there. Later I took a classic airbrushing class at my local junior college. Other than that I am self taught. Seeing the direction modern art has taken, I'm glad I missed the indoctrination. Don't misunderstand me. I like the freedom afforded by the notion that anything can be considered art. Where I disconnect is with the onslaught of casual work that requires little to no thought, effort or skill.

To me the choice of topic is of utmost importance. If you are sacrificing a portion of your brief mortal existence to create something, it ought to be significant. Again aspects of the modern movement such as "I have nothing significant to say, and I'm saying it" do not resonate with me. To all such participants in the modern art movement, I say "please find a new pastime."

I mostly agree with the remarks of Roger Scruton in the documentary "Why Beauty Matters."

May the art world recover and regain respect from those who would appreciate effort in creativity.